17 May 2025
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World Whisky Day 2022: News highlights

As we wrap up on World Whisky Day 2022, we are feeling that familiar warm glow (or is that just the whisky?) as we soak up all the great whisky-centric posts, events and stories that have come our way.

From a quiet, reflective dram by the fire to a room full of fellow whisky lovers, it’s always fantastic to see World Whisky Day celebrated in the way it was intended – by those with a genuine passion for the spirit.

Being an internationally celebrated event, World Whisky Day always makes a bit of a splash in the newspapers, too. Here are some of our favourite headlines to come out of WWD 2022!

A new collection of whiskies at National Museums Scotland

Photo: Stewart Attwood

As part of this year’s World Whisky Day, National Museums Scotland unveiled a new collection of 14 distinct whiskies which offer an insight into the industry.

Islay, Jura, Raasay and Skyre thrive on the whisky industry, with a collective 21 distilleries and less than 17,000 people between them.

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Whisky tasting tours at Mary King’s Close

A favourite tourist attraction in Scotland’s capital, Mary King’s Close made the savvy decision to incorporate a dram or two into their offering with the new ‘Casks and Closes’ tour, which “takes visitors along the underground streets of the Capital while they learn about the city’s love affair with whisky and the history of the spirit.” 

Visitors will also experience a tasting session led by a whisky expert, where they’ll have the chance to taste three whiskies. 

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The Scotch Malt Whisky society releases six “memory boxes”

Whisky memory boxes


OK so we probably can’t claim to be the main reason behind this initiative, but we definitely play into it! As part of their Flavour Hunters festival which celebrates whisky month in May, the Scotch Malt Whisky Society has created six small-batch memory boxes, each with its own distinct flavour.

“The six boxes use touch, taste, smell, sight and sound to transport people back to happy moments or places in their life such as ‘Nan’s House of Tea’ which includes Haggis spiced lamb breast with caramelised red wine pineapple, malt loaf and toasted oats. Renowned Scottish chef Bruce Clyne-Watson expertly crafted the memory-evoking canapes to feature alongside each box: ‘Camping Out’ embraces those warm Autumn nights huddling around the fire with rabbit liver rillette dressed in a marmalade chutney, candied walnut, and nasturtium leaves”, the luxuryeditor.com writes. 

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Funny whisky tasting notes

Ahead of this year’s World Whisky Day, Glen Moray distillery in Elgin asked whisky writers for their “silliest scribblings.”

We all know whisky tasting notes are unique for everyone – which is what makes it so fun! – but here’s hoping our taste buds never encounter “wet labrador”, “rotting fish”, or “damp cardboard”…

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Aldi’s bargain £16.99 whiskey named amongst best in the world


Everyone’s favourite bargain supermarket has upped its game in the whisky stakes this year with the release of its award-winning Glen Marnoch Single Malt whisky and the  Glen Marnoch Highland Single Malt Whisky. Both whiskies have been awarded gold medals at the world-renowned International Spirits Challenge 2022, beating competitors including Peat Chimney Wemyss Malts and Glenmorangie A Tale of Winter Scotch Whisky.

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A Fashionable Single Malt Scotch Whisky Tasting in Nairobi

What’s better than a whisky event? One with a theme, of course! We loved reading about Moet Hennessy’s Eastern Africa Marketing Manager, Alexandre Helaine, who treated whisky lovers to a ‘full course’ Single Malt Scotch Whiskey tasting experience at the Norfolk Hotel in Nairobi. The theme was ‘La Sape’ – meaning ‘to dress up’ in French.

Close up of a person holding a dram of whisky in a Glencairn glass

What is single malt whisky?

Often considered ‘superior’ among aficionados, single malt whisky has been made in Scotland since the 18th and 19th centuries. But what actually makes a single malt unique?

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