17 May 2025
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The Lowland whisky distilleries you need to know about

Once a significant single malt player, The Lowlands is now mostly known as the home of the blend - but this all looks set to change as several new and exciting distilleries in the region are in the process of creating their own innovative whiskies

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Holyrood Distillery, Edinburgh

Holyrood distillery - lowland whisky

Based in the heart of Edinburgh, this modern distillery opened its doors in 2019 and has already become a popular tourist attraction. As they wait for their single malt to mature, Holyrood Distillery have released their own gin, Height of Arrows, as well as a series of New Make spirits, which give an insight into their unique processes and future flavours. Unhampered by tradition, the young distillery team are using uncommon ingredients including heritage barleys, speciality malts, and a diverse range of yeast strains. Exciting things are coming.

Clutha, Glasgow

Meaning Clyde in Gaelic, Clutha distillery will be situated at Glasgow’s Pacific Quay on the south side of the River Clyde. Owned by established Glaswegian blenders and bottlers Douglas Laing & Co, the £10.7m distillery project was first announced in 2017 but progress stalled during the pandemic. According to Director of Whisky Cara Laing, when it finally arrives, Clutha will produce “a really big, chunky, robust single malt” with a heavy Sherry influence that will differ from traditional Lowland styles.

Rosebank, Falkirk

Rosebank distillery - lowland whisky

Once known as the ‘King of the Lowlands’, Rosebank’s much-loved single malt Scotch became a thing of the past when the Falkirk distillery closed its doors in the 90s. However, thanks to Ian Macleod Distillers who purchased the site in 2017, the distillery has been painstakingly restored and production is underway. Adhering to the triple distillation method favoured by traditional Lowland whiskies, the new Rosebank whisky hopes to attract fans of the original single malt.

InchDairnie, Fife

InchDairnie distillery - lowland whisky

Located near Kinglassie in Fife, InchDairnie distillery is a high-tech operation built in 2014, with the first spirits being distilled in 2015. Founder Ian Palmer has 40 years of experience in the scotch whisky industry and big plans for the first single malt which will be “a walk in a garden throughout the year”, full of floral aromas, cut grass, fruits and a hint of spice. With a tentative release date set for 2029, we still have a few years to wait before we get to try it.

The Port of Leith Distillery, Edinburgh

The stills are in place at this much-anticipated new distillery on Leith’s waterfront which has been under construction since 2020. The venture from the duo behind Lind and Lime gin distillery – Ian Stirling and Paddy Fletcher – promises an innovative approach to whisky-making. While the Port of Leith distillery takes shape, its founders have been on a journey exploring the flavours of Scotch whisky and how they are created – particularly with regards to yeast and fermentation. The single malt they will ultimately produce promises to be something unique in both flavour and complexity.

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