17 May 2025
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Do you want to attend the World Whisky Weekender but still have a few questions?

Here you will find everything you need to know about World Whisky Weekender.

Table of Contents

What exactly is the World Whisky Weekender?

The World Whisky Weekender is a virtual event with presentations and speakers, similar to a “physical” conference but with music, comedy and talks, similar to a festival. However, there is no “physical” event taking place. Everything happens virtually.

Do I have to be a whisky expert to join?

No way! Whatever your interest in Whisky or Whiskey we have something for you. In fact we reckon you could have never tried a drop in your life and still love the World Whisky Weekender.

Is this like a big Zoom call?

Well not exactly. In fact not at all really. There are loads of things you can do and at no point do you need to turn your camera on, unless you want to. You can just watch a session (like Youtube) or chat to others in a small group or even contact someone 1.2.1 for a whisky related chat.

How do I actually attend the World Whisky Weekender?

Attending is easy, so much easier than attending a physical event. You can “attend” from your home, your office, cafe or a bar. All you need is your device, a good connection and we recommend good earphones/speakers.

You will be sent a unique link a few days before the event and instructions to join.

Can I interact virtually during the World Whisky Weekender?

Yes, we would love you to be as involved as possible. But how you do that is totally up to you. We have a dedicated virtual event platform to collect your questions, opinions and thoughts. We will have live polls and competitions too.

Will I have access to the sessions after the live broadcast?

Yes. You can view all of the presentations after the live broadcast with the amount of content and the duration dependent on the ticket you have bought.

Can other people watch and take part in the live event?

Yes, in fact, we have created two additional price points for groups of people who would like to attend. What a great idea, get a few mates over and enjoy the event together!

If you buy an individual ticket it is an individual licence. So if there are a few of you then buy the appropriate number of tickets.

We have a group ticket which is for 10 licences and access to the post-event recordings for each of you. Secondly, we have an enterprise ticket which is for an almost unlimited number of individuals to access live and on catchup.

Which platform will the virtual summit be on?

We will be using the amazing Balloon virtual event platform.

What is the difference between ticket types?

It is simply really. The more you pay the more content you can see and the more areas will open up to you. Also you can see all that content for a longer time.

Can I pay just for a day or a particular session?

No. We are offering access to the whole event as every attendee will have months to watch all of the content.

Am I expected to watch the whole event live?

Absolutely not! We wouldn’t expect anyone to watch every hour of every day. You will make the most of the event if you choose a few hours at a time to watch/engage live. And then make sure you catch up on all the content after the live event!

Do I have access to the World Whisky Weekender after the live event?

The event website will close but you will have access to the recordings at the World Whisky Weekender after the live event. We will contact you within 72hrs after the live event to open up access to the content on-demand. So, if you are unable to watch all of the World Whisky Weekender you can catch up on all of the content afterwards, in your own time.

Is Whisky provided as part of the ticket fee?

No. That’s down to you. Choose wisely!

What is the tasting pack?

We will provide you with details of all of the whiskeys and all of the accompanying foods and snacks that will be involved in the World Whisky Weekender along with some tips and techniques to make the most of the experiential elements of the World Whisky Weekender.

Can I cancel once I have booked?

Sure. You can cancel up to 30 days before the event and receive 100% refund on the price of your ticket.

There are no refunds available less than 30 days before the event but remember you will have access to the post event recordings.

Do I have to drink responsibly?

Yes. Absolutely.

Do I have to be of legal drinking age in the country I reside to take part in the event?

Yes. Absolutely.