The sound of whisky

Whisky Tunes

Short of the undeniably satisfying ‘pop’ of a whisky bottle being uncorked or the sound of the spirit hitting the side of a glass as it pours, our ears haven’t had much in the way of involvement when it comes to whisky – that privilege tends to go to our eyes, noses and mouths. Here, then, are seven songs that take whisky into an audible world. Sit back, pour yourself a dram and let us bring whisky to your ears.  Read more The sound of whisky

Whisky in literature

There’s a strong connection between literature and whisky. Discussions of it mostly revolve around the penchants of individual authors. Think Mark Twain, James Joyce, Dorothy Parker and Charles Bukowski. But what of the instances of whisky within literature itself? Those fictional occurrences when whisky spills out from the author’s tumbler and onto the page? Here, then, are five of the best such examples, all the way from pulp spy fiction to classic Southern Gothic. So, sit you down in an armchair, pour a favourite and immerse yourself in the intoxicating world of classic whisky fiction.

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