17 May 2025
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Five reasons to attend the World Whisky Weekender

Still umming and ahhing? Here are five excellent reasons why you should grab a ticket

The World Whisky Weekender is an immersive virtual whisky experience, bringing together whisky lovers across the globe for three days of conversation, discovery and celebration. To buy tickets or to find out more about what the World Whisky Weekender has to offer, visit the Weekender page and keep an eye on our socials in the coming weeks for more exciting announcements! For now, here are the highlights.

1. Discover whisky with a global perspective

Attending an online whisky festival is a way to break out of your comfort zone and discover whiskies from all around the world. At the World Whisky Weekender, you can hear from global whisky ambassadors, learn about the hot topics facing the industry and tour distilleries in far-flung corners of the globe. In particular, this year’s event will feature a talk on ‘New World Whiskies’ – exploring how makers in areas that are relatively new to the industry are shaking up the market with their alternative methods of production.

2. Meet like-minded people from all over the world

Want to find more people who share your passion? The World Whisky Weekender is the perfect opportunity to get to know other whisky fans, with loads of different ways to chat and interact. You’ll also get the chance to have in-depth discussions about the industry and the chance to meet and chat with all our expert speakers, as well as ask any burning questions.

3. Attend in your own time

We all have busy schedules so attending everything we want to can be a challenge – and that’s before you throw time zones into the mix! With all the World Whisky Weekender sessions available to be watched back on demand, time is no object – you can keep the festivities going even longer or tune in at an hour that suits you.

4. Celebrate from the comfort of your own home

Although restrictions are beginning to lift, many will still be feeling nervous about getting back out into public spaces. The World Whisky Weekender offers the chance to celebrate all things whisky from the comfort of your own home, within reach of your favourite bottle.

5. Share a dram with your friends all over the world

Although many of us can once again meet up in person with those nearby, lots of us have friends and family all over the world with whom we can’t yet reunite. The World Whisky Weekender is a great opportunity to participate in a shared experience with your nearest and dearest, regardless of distance.

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