17 May 2025
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A new olfactory delight for whisky fans (April Fool)

Transform your home into a dunnage warehouse with The Dunnage from World Whisky Day

Thanks to Render Studio who created the stunning Dunnage visuals for our April Fool.

World Whisky Day is delighted to announce the launch of The Dunnage, a limited edition reed diffuser inspired by the intoxicating aroma of a dunnage warehouse — the building within distilleries where malt whisky is traditionally housed throughout the ageing process.

The Dunnage blends the iconic scent of maturing Scotch with hints of aged wood and damp earth. An olfactory ode to the art of maturation, The Dunnage transports all who take a whiff to their very own personal dunnage warehouse.

“After a decade of celebrating World Whisky Day each year, we thought it was time to stop and smell the roses — and mark our tenth birthday with something special”

“The team and I are immensely proud to finally launch The Dunnage,” said Blair Bowman, Founder of World Whisky Day. “After a decade of celebrating World Whisky Day each year, we thought it was time to stop and smell the roses — and mark our tenth birthday with something special. We couldn’t be happier with the result.”

“We visited over 100 dunnage warehouses at distilleries across Scotland to capture their iconic scent,” said Adam P. Wood, World Whisky Day’s resident Nosing and Tasting expert. “The Scotch whisky industry is a close-knit community with a proud heritage, so we felt it was our responsibility to convey the vivid musk of a dunnage warehouse as accurately as possible — and transform our fantasy into reality in the process.”

Commercial interest in The Dunnage is already high, with boutique American hotelier The Daltman Group placing an advance order of 5000 units.

Close up of The Dunnage

“The Dunnage subverts expectations, and that’s what we’re all about here at The Daltman,” said Hank Daltman, Founder and CEO. “Our guests love Scotland and Scotch whisky. I’m actually one fifteenth Scotch myself, so when I smell The Dunnage, I feel at home. It takes me back to the land of my forefathers: the rugged hills, dense forests and crystal-clear waters of Govanhill, Glasgow.”

While no in-person sessions have taken place due to COVID-19, a select group of whisky industry insiders were invited to an exclusive virtual smelling session over Zoom. Attendees reported that The Dunnage “looked like it smelled amazing.”

“My clients in the spa and hospitality industries are clamouring to procure The Dunnage for their operations worldwide,” said Claudia Sniffer, a leading scent marketing specialist. “It is the post-pandemic saviour that the world so desperately needs. Massage oils, scented candles, branded colognes — the possibilities are endless.”

To enjoy the full 5D, 360° sensory dunnage warehouse experience for yourself, World Whisky Day advises first placing The Dunnage in calming surroundings, such as a garden shed or disused attic. Secondly, wear a blindfold and submerge your bare feet in a pile of loose stones and earth. Next, hit play on our curated ‘The Dunnage’ Spotify playlist as an immersive aural accompaniment. Finally, inhale deeply and be transported to the Danktuary™ — the dank sanctuary of a dunnage warehouse.

The Dunnage is scheduled for release on Saturday 15 May 2021 to mark the 10th anniversary of World Whisky Day, the global day of whisky celebration. This special milestone will be commemorated with the World Whisky Weekender, an international festival of virtual events taking place from Friday 14-Sunday 16 May 2021.

A panel featuring a star-studded array of the biggest names in dunnage warehousing will be held as part of the World Whisky Weekender. Keep your eyes peeled on the World Whisky Weekender page for more details.

The Dunnage will retail at £182.40. Not to be used internally.

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