18 May 2024
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Your Ultimate Whisky Christmas Gift Guide 2021

It’s officially just over six weeks to Christmas, and perhaps you’re feeling that festive shopping panic beginning to set in. Luckily, we’ve put together a Christmas gift guide for the whisky lovers in your life. Whether you’re on the lookout for friends or family, or just fancy treating yourself, get all the whisky-themed inspiration you need in our whisky gift guide. 

Whisky Explorer Advent Calendar

Count down to Christmas in the best way, with this whisky advent calendar from Drinks by the Dram. With 24 expertly selected drams by 20 distilleries across 5 countries, you’re sure to find some familiar classics as well as discover some new favourites.

Shop the Whisky Explorer Advent Calendar

whisky advent calendar

Scotch Whisky Scratch-off Map

A fun and inspired gift for a passionate whisky lover, this scratch-off Scotch whisky distillery map features a selection of single malt Scotch distilleries across Scotland. The idea is to scratch off the distilleries you’ve visited (or the whiskies you’ve tried), learn more about the whiskies of Scotland, or challenge yourself to try them all. It can be personalised, too, and makes an attractive print for your home!

Shop the Scotch Whisky Scratch-off Map

Caol Ila Christmas 2021 Single Malt

Sometimes the best gift for a whisky lover is just… whisky. Peaty Scotch lovers will be delighted to receive this special edition, single cask single malt whisky from Caol Ila. The release, limited to 200 bottles globally, brings notes of muted spice and salty coastal flavours alongside the subtle yet distinctive smoke notes Islay is most famous for.

Shop the Caol Ila Christmas 2021 Single Malt

Whisky Me Subscription

The gift that keeps on giving! From just £7 a month, you can treat your loved one (or yourself!) to a monthly dram of whisky, hand-picked from the world’s best distilleries. Arriving through the letterbox in a gorgeously designed pouch, a Whisky Me subscription is the perfect gift for the whisky fanatic or the eager newcomer. Opt for Single Malt Scotch or World Whiskies. Can’t decide? Get one of each!

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Whisky Colour Scale Chart 

Bring the beauty of whisky into any room with this stunning artwork from The Print Distillery. Designed in watercolour, the print is clean and modern, celebrating the variety of colours of whisky. It’s an affordable gift, sent as a digital file with instructions for printing at home so there’s no delivery costs or wait-time!

Shop the Whisky Colour Scale Chart

‘Captain Congener’ Speyside Whisky 2001

The perfect gift for the unconventional whisky connoisseur. Named ‘Captain Congener’ after the flavour compounds that make up the spirit, this twenty-year-old Speyside has been matured for two decades in sherry casks, with aromas of cherry Bakewell, apples and notes of vanilla, candied orange and spice. The Whisky Exchange Creative Director Raj ‘Mr C’ Chavda created the colourful label, inspired by the silver age of comic books.

Shop the ‘Captain Congener’ Speyside Whisky 2001

Games of Thrones Whisky Gift Set

Created by malts.com in collaboration with Tasting Collection, this Game of Thrones-themed whisky tasting set is perfect for a special someone who loves fantasy as much as they love whisky. The set contains glass tubes of 12 different whiskies, including ‘House Targaryen Cardhu Gold Reserve’ and ‘House Lannister Lagavulin 9 Year Old’. 

Shop the Game of Thrones Whisky Gift Set

Vintage Globe-shaped Mini-bar

For the old-fashioned soul in your life, there could be no more perfect gift than this vintage-design globe-shaped mini-bar. With solid wood and strong castor wheels, the trolley is sure to wow guests and bring an air of nostalgia to any room. There’s space for up to 10 bottles or glasses inside the globe, so the user can put their feet up and settle in for a comfy night enjoying their favourite spirits.

Shop the Vintage Globe-shaped Mini-bar

Rauk Heavy Tumbler 

Created by Norlan Glass, the Rauk Heavy Tumbler is a modern, heavyweight crystal tumbler that lends a luxurious feel to every dram. With innovative technology and an enigmatic design, the glass is perfect for cocktail enthusiasts or whisky drinkers who like their spirit chilled.

Shop the Rauk Heavy Tumbler or read our guide to whisky glasses.

Space-themed Whisky Advent Calendar

Take a trip around the galaxy with the out-of-this-world 2021 Whisky Advent Calendar from Flaviar. Behind each door is a vial of premium whisk(e)y from around the ‘whiskyverse’. As well as 24 samples, the pack comes with a Glencairn glass, Flaviar concrete coaster and a tasting notes booklet to help you get to know each whisk(e)y. Pre-order ASAP – it sells out fast!

Shop the space-themed Whisky Advent Calendar

Gold Whisky Reference Card

A fantastic gift for the curious Scotch drinkers, this elegant, pocket-sized card distils all you need to know about Scotland’s whiskies. One side displays a map of Scotland’s six whisky regions, pinpointing some of the most renowned distilleries. The other side shows an intricate tasting chart for some of the finest Scotches, so they’ll never be short of inspiration for what to order.

Shop the gold Whisky Reference Card

Spreadable Whisky

For the whisky aficionado who has everything, Firebox brought out the perfect gift solution. Its award-winning single malt marmalade is made with real whisky and is delicious spread on toast or served with cheese and crackers. Spreadable whisky allows you to enjoy the taste of your favourite tipple at all hours of the day – what’s not to love?

Shop the Spreadable Whisky 

Big Peat at Christmas 2021

For fans of peated whisky, independent bottler Douglas Laing has released this fun and festive limited-edition Big Peat whisky in celebration of Christmas 2021. Blending some of Islay’s finest whiskies, it boasts a full-bodied profile and a lot of character with notes of stroopwafel, toasted brioche, and of course, peat smoke. 

Shop Big Peat at Christmas 2021

Areaware Liquid Body Flask

For the stylish whisky drinker who likes to keep a dram close at all times, this whisky hip flask from Areaware is a perfect choice. Created by award-winning designers The Principals, each of the flasks has a unique shape created by hydroforming surgical-grade stainless steel. 

Shop the Areaware Flask

Areaware liquid flask

Fillable Glass Christmas Baubles

These fillable baubles make a great gift for whisky lovers at Christmas. Give them filled with their favourite spirit or leave them empty for them to choose their own bauble-inspired tipple. For a fun Christmas day activity, fill each bauble with a different whisky and see who can identify them in a blind tasting! 

Shop the fillable glass Christmas baubles

Whisky and Snack Pairing Giftbox

For those who like the finer things in life, this whisky and snack gift box pairs The One Blended Whisky from The Lakes Distillery with savoury biscuits, premium salted nuts and organic dark chocolate. Each of the snacks is expertly paired with the whisky to bring out the nuances of its flavour. 

Shop the whisky and snack pairing giftbox

‘Everything You Need To Know About Whisky’

Diving deep into the history, culture and people behind the water of life, Everything You Need To Know About Whisky (but are too afraid to ask) is the in-depth passion project of whisky industry veteran Nicholas Morgan. It’s a must-read for anyone who wants to learn more and solidify their love for whisky. 

Buy ‘Everything You Need To Know About Whisky’ 

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