17 May 2025
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You Deserve A Dram competition winners announced!

We asked you to nominate someone who you thought deserved a dram this World Whisky Day. And you did – in your droves!

With over 1000 entries from all over the world, we were inundated with stories of everyday heroes making a difference during the current pandemic.

Lorry drivers keeping supermarkets stocked whilst caring for elderly neighbours; nurses fighting on the frontlines whilst offering mental health support to new mothers in their spare time; charitable folk raising funds to kickstart PPE manufacturing in developing nations; the list goes on and on. Safe to say, it was very difficult to come to a decision.

But now, after much deliberation, we are very happy to announce the three winners who will be receiving a bottle of Jura Red Wine Cask Finish each!

The Devoted Mum

Winner: Cathy MacDowell
Nominated by: Mary S


My mum deserves a dram. And this is the reason why: just as Covid-19 began to circulate in the UK, my husband was diagnosed with cancer. For us, from that moment on, nothing else mattered, not even the virus. While the world went into lockdown around us, we spent our days travelling to hospitals, seeing specialists and dealing with the reality of a cancer diagnosis. All I really wanted (and needed!) was a hug from my mum but she was hundreds of miles away, unable to reach us because of lockdown. She desperately wanted to hop on a train and come to us but she couldn’t.

So what she did instead amazed me. She was determined to support us through it, even from afar. She overcame her fear of technology and learned how to use Zoom so she could visit us virtually, every day. She sent us care packages and food boxes and was at the end of the phone any time we needed to talk, day or night. And once she discovered emojis, she could send me a ‘virtual’ hug to cheer me up. Coping with cancer at any time is hard enough but during a pandemic, it’s a lonely experience. We couldn’t have got through it without Mum’s support – and we can’t thank her enough!

The Frontline Doctor

Winner: Dr Paul Kemp
Nominated by: Stephen Brennan


Dr Kemp has been working non-stop as an intensive care doctor in Cumbria, one of the worst Covid-19-affected areas of England. For a population of almost half a million, there are less than a dozen intensive care beds.

Dr Kemp has worked tirelessly to help expand this capacity and care for those hit hardest with this awful disease, each day struggling with the physical and psychological toll this unforgiving disease takes, all without sparing a thought for himself. As a colleague in a hospital across the region with greater capacity, where we have received overflow patients from Cumbria, I speak for the entire team when I say that we have all been impressed and outdone by his superhuman efforts.

I have nominated him for this because I know how much he enjoys a whisky after a hard shift and as a true aficionado it would mean so much to him, especially when he has been away from his friends and family for so long so as not to spread the disease. I know that when this is all sorted we will all be raising a glass to men like Paul in admiration of all they have done. I hope to see the happiness this award would bring him, but either way, look forward to seeing my good friend and colleague again for a well-earned whisky. Cheers!

The Charitable Carer

Winner: Julie Booth
Nominated by: Alison Wyatt


My Mum is 84 years old and suffers from Parkinson’s disease, heart disease, and Arthritis and thus has been housebound because of the lockdown over the last many weeks. I live in Hong Kong and my Mum is in Sheffield – there are 6500 miles between us.

Every day, Julie calls my Mum to ask what daily products she would like her to shop for and delivers them to her door without any physical contact. This also includes extra special treats of good old Yorkshire pork dripping which I am extremely jealous of! When Julie goes to the local fish and chip shop, she will also buy a meal for my Mum. She has tidied my Mum’s garden and fitted hanging baskets with lovely spring flowers at her own expense. She is certainly deserving of #YouDeserveADram. As I am so far away and unable to be there for my Mum, Julie is being a daily godsend. Cheers Julie!

The Prize – Jura Red Wine Cask Finish

Jura Red Wine Cask Finish has been matured in American White Oak ex-Bourbon barrels before being finished in hand-selected European red wine barriques for 18 to 24 months. The result is a perfectly balanced and delicate single malt offered at an ABV of 40%. Bursting with rich berry flavours, Jura Red Wine Cask Finish presents enticing aromas of sultanas, creamy caramel and Black Forest fruits. The palate presents a pleasing flourish of creamy vanilla, raspberries, strawberries and cinnamon spice.

Here’s to you…

Thank you to everyone, both nominators and nominees, who got involved in #YouDeserveADram for World Whisky Day 2020. To you, we raise a dram!

The World Whisky Day team

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