20 May 2023

The World’s First Truly Green Whisky (April Fool)

This April, World Whisky Day is delighted to introduce the world’s first green whisky. Uaine, named after Lochan Uaine – or ‘the green loch’ in Aviemore, Scotland. Sustainably made at a B corp distillery, Uaine (pronounced ‘oo-in-ye’) takes its impeccable green credentials and, for the first time, makes them clear for all to see. 

While it looks at first like a traditional Highland single malt, the rich gold spirit turns a vivid green when mixed with water, making it a stand-out product in the competitive whisky market. 

Whisky is known to change colour during the maturation process in the cask, but World Whisky Day wanted to take this idea to a new level with a whisky that changes colour in the glass itself.

The green hue is no coincidence, either. In a world where sustainability is now a key factor in driving a successful, responsible business, World Whisky Day wants to show its appreciation for and commitment to the earth’s verdant pastures. What better way to give the environment the representation it deserves than in a crystal tumbler?

Uaine green whisky

Uaine has proved to be a big hit among whisky’s cool cats, too. Following a soft launch in Dublin for this year’s St Patrick’s Day celebrations, Conor Byrne, Brand Ambassador for whisky specialists The Ag Magadh Group, described the wacky new whisky as “truly ground-breaking”.

“Sustainability has its merits,” he says, “But quite frankly anything green tends to go down well on this side of the Irish Sea. After working with various sustainability experts, energy efficiency talk can get a little tiring. I’m relieved that the industry’s calls for real action have finally been answered.”

Master Blender John Simon agrees. “Introducing a viridescent liquid to the market is exactly what the sustainability effort is all about: green thinking. Speaking honestly, whisky’s traditional amber hue isn’t all that conducive to the green trend we’re seeing across the market today. Uaine is really bringing whisky into a new, more future-focused era.”

Blair Bowman, founder of World Whisky Day, hails Uaine as a trailblazing product primed to shape the future of the sustainability movement. “Sustainability is an increasingly important factor for many companies in the whisky industry today. Recyclable packaging and sustainably produced casks can only go so far in terms of demonstrating real commitment to the green movement. 

“Uaine, on the other hand, is really doing the legwork required to bring the importance of sustainability to the fore. I have full confidence this product will continue to inspire whisky companies to introduce further sustainability measures. There’s nothing like a sea green-coloured beverage to really drive home the literal burning issue of our planet’s future.”

Uaine will be available in selected stores for a very (very) limited time.