18 May 2024
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Win a copy of 30 Second Whisky (Closed)

It’s competition time again and this time we’re helping you hone your whisky craft with a chance to win a copy of 30 Second Whisky. 

What can be achieved in 30 seconds? Perhaps you could boil the kettle? Or read the headlines? What about learning some new skills and expanding your whisky knowledge, though? With the new 30-Second Whisky book you can discover whisky regions, whisky versatility and how to describe flavour – all before your cup of tea is likely to be ready. For your chance to win one of five of these lovely books, simply fill out the form below and answer the following question:

What is the name of the vessel in which fermentation takes place?

This competition is now closed – thanks to all who entered and good luck!

Close up of a person holding a dram of whisky in a Glencairn glass

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