The sound of whisky

Whisky Tunes

Short of the undeniably satisfying ‘pop’ of a whisky bottle being uncorked or the sound of the spirit hitting the side of a glass as it pours, our ears haven’t had much in the way of involvement when it comes to whisky – that privilege tends to go to our eyes, noses and mouths. Here, then, are seven songs that take whisky into an audible world. Sit back, pour yourself a dram and let us bring whisky to your ears.

Whisky in Literature

Man reading a book by the sea

There’s a strong connection between literature and whisky. Discussions of it mostly revolve around the penchants of individual authors – but what about those occurrences when whisky spills out from the author’s tumbler and onto the page? Here, then, are five

Feel-good whisky videos

With good whisky come good times, but the whisky doesn’t always have to be in liquid state.