17 May 2025
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Burns Night whiskies

No Burns Night celebration would be complete without whisky – but which whisky is best to do the occasion justice?

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Selection of beers

Wild card whisky and beer pairing

If you think you’ve mastered the art of pairing whisky and beer and read all about the fascinating history of the boilermaker maybe you’re ready to tackle – The Impossible Boilermaker.

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Coco of Bruntsfield Chocolate Bars

How to pair whisky with chocolate

Whisky and chocolate, two of the best-tasting foodstuffs on the planet, were surely made to go together – but we wanted to find out how to bring chocolate and whisky together in the most flavourful way possible. To get some expert input on the subject, we spoke to chocolatier Ania York from Coco Chocolate and a whisky expert, Mark Garner, from the Whiski Rooms in Edinburgh.

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A beer and a whisky - also known as a boilermaker

How to pair whisky and beer

Not tried pairing whisky with beer? You’re in for a treat. Find out what works best with our ‘boilermaker’ pairing guide. There are few things

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