17 May 2025
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The Reader

Inspirational whisky adverts

Where once whisky producers needed nothing more than straight serves to market their products, today that’s not enough. The trend now is inspiration, and lots of it. Here, then, are six of the most inspirational whisky adverts ever aired.

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World Whisky Day at The Pitt, Edinburgh

World Whisky Day Edinburgh 2017

As the capital city of World Whisky Day, Edinburgh didn’t disappoint during this year’s celebration. Events took place the length, breadth, height and depth of

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A beer and a whisky - also known as a boilermaker

How to pair whisky and beer

Not tried pairing whisky with beer? You’re in for a treat. Find out what works best with our ‘boilermaker’ pairing guide. There are few things

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Dublin street scene

Whisky Capitals: Dublin

Ireland’s gorgeous capital is a whiskey lover’s heaven and for the parched visitor there are many options to navigate. Join us as we discover what’s

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