20 May 2023

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Holiday whiskey cocktails

Festive whiskey cocktails to impress

Whether you’re looking for an after dinner drink to spice up the party or a festive spin on your favourite wintertime tipple, here are six whiskey cocktails to get you in the Christmas spirit

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Burns Night whiskies

No Burns Night celebration would be complete without whisky – but which whisky is best to do the occasion justice?

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Eight distilleries to visit before you die 2018

In the same way that many people collect whisky, many others ‘collect’ whisky distilleries, checking them off lists or maps as they visit and sampling drams right where they’re made. Here, then, are eight distilleries to visit before you die.

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✈ How to drink whisky on an aeroplane

There’s no denying that the (sometimes arduous) experience of flying can be improved by a quality drink or two. There’s just one problem, though: airline drinking isn’t quite as straightforward as terra firma drinking. Here’s what we discovered…

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