17 May 2025
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Whisky is made, in one form or another, all around the globe. The articles below represent just a small slice of the variety on offer.

Whisky Producing Countries: France

France may not seem a likely home for a burgeoning whisky industry, but don’t be fooled; all the way from Brittany to Corsica producers are turning to l’eau de vie with serious intent.

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Nashville skyline at dusk

Whisky Capitals: Nashville

While the state of Kentucky takes the lion’s share of fame when it comes to whiskey in America, there’s no denying that its southern neighbour has made quite a mark of its own. Join us on a spirited tour of Music City, Tennessee.

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Whiskey State: Kentucky

This week we’ve ridden out west into the bluegrass prairies of a once-hostile frontier of American expansion, and one truly synonymous with whiskey: Kentucky.

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Mt Fuji Japan

Whisky Producing Countries: Japan

The Japanese are great lovers of whisky. According to market research firm Euromonitor, Japan has the second-highest per capita consumption of the spirit in Asia after India, and therefore the highest consumption in Eastern Asia.

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Ayers Rock in Australia

Whisky Producing Countries: Australia

Australian whisky production dates back to the days of 19th century emigration, but it hasn’t been until relatively recently that the country has really started to compete on the world stage.

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Canadian outdoors scene

Whisky Producing Countries: Canada

With a climate perfect for the production of grain, fresh water in abundance and more wood than you can shake a stick at, Canada’s the next stop in our exploration of world whisky. Despite The Great White North’s affinity with Scotland, theirs is a style of whisky entirely unto itself.

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