17 May 2025
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Whisky has a number of incarnations, each uniquely reflecting the place and culture where they are created. Bourbon is an American spirit which uses primarliy a corn mash. The sweeter flavours that it generally displays are popular around the globe both as a neat drink and as the backbone of many classic cocktails.

Selection of Bourbon

The best bourbons for four classic serves

The patron spirit of pioneers, daredevils, frontiersmen and frontierswomen, bourbon’s varied flavours and storied heritage make it a drink worth exploring. Join us as we pay tribute to the American ambrosia.

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Nashville skyline at dusk

Whisky Capitals: Nashville

While the state of Kentucky takes the lion’s share of fame when it comes to whiskey in America, there’s no denying that its southern neighbour has made quite a mark of its own. Join us on a spirited tour of Music City, Tennessee.

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Whiskey State: Kentucky

This week we’ve ridden out west into the bluegrass prairies of a once-hostile frontier of American expansion, and one truly synonymous with whiskey: Kentucky.

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