18 May 2024
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Support our 2016 charity appeal

Let’s bring clean, safe water to Kalima South

This year’s World Whisky Day is on Saturday 21 May and we expect to smash last year’s participation records. But whisky would be nothing without water and, for all the fun we have,  we would like to use our event to support those for whom water (rather than whisky) is a luxury. This year, we want to help Just a Drop raise a minimum of £15,000 to help the people of Kalima South village in Makueni County, Kenya.

In Kalima, Just a Drop will transform the lives  of 4,349 people through a programme to bring clean and safe water to the community, as well as developing sustainable agriculture through the building of a sand dam and shallow well to provide year-round water. This water will be used to implement a food production and security programme promoting soil and water conservation; providing terracing and tools; training on terrace digging and climate-smart agriculture to boost yields; a seed bank project; and a 1,500 tree nursery.

If you can spare some money to help transform the lives of the people of Kalima South, please join World Whisky Day and Just A Drop in supporting this simple but very effective project for good.


A child dies every 20 seconds from a water-related illness. Just a Drop is an international water-aid charity which aims to change this by providing poor communities with a safe, clean water supply. To date, our projects have reached almost 1.5 million people in 31 countries from Afghanistan to Zambia.

Donate from just £2 Visit Just a Drop