18 May 2024
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Seven ingenious ways to recycle a whisky cask

The trusty whisky cask plays the long game. Even before getting its first sniff of a dram, the oak used to make the casks is slowly seasoned outdoors for up to a year. After being exposed to the elements it’s kiln-dried, assembled and charred before its life as a vessel for whisky can begin. The Scottish whisky industry alone condemns a whopping 20,000 Scotch whisky casks to landfill every year. We’ve found eight of the most ingenious ways that people have found to offer these lovely barrels an alternative and unique retirement option.


Fender 80 Proof Blues Junior Amplifier

These Fender amps are crafted from a mix of whisky cask, brass metal dials and a leather handle, leaving the woodwork exposed to show off the stains and nicks of the reclaimed barrel.


Highland Park vs Linn Turntable

It’s easy to quickly fall into lust with this turntable, but allow us to swiftly put a stop to your longing. It’ll set you back £25,000. Sorry. To celebrate its 40th anniversary, high-end hi-fi manufacturers Linn teamed up with Highland Park to create 40 of these suave turntables using stunning Spanish sherry oak casks. Linn also threw in a bottle of 40-year-old Highland Park worth £2,185, which we’re sure would have helped to numb the pain of a struggling bank balance.


Bushmills Sunglasses

American company Shwood teamed up with Bushmills Irish Whiskey and Bodega to produce these limited edition sunglasses. Crafted from 100-year-old white oak casks, the frames arrive packaged in a custom wooden whisky crate with its very own crowbar with which to retrieve your glasses.


Salvaged Skateboards

The talented staff at Salvaged Skateboards specialise in making skateboards out of recycled wood, including wood from whiskey casks that had already been reclaimed by the Allagash Brewery in Maine as craft brew barrels. These boards show off the quality wood used, eschewing the bright colours and graphics found in many modern designs.

Bushmills vs Lowden

Bushmills vs Lowden Guitar

The folks at Bushmills Irish Whiskey have been at it again. This time teaming up with Lowden Guitars, which has made instruments for some of the best-known artists in the industry, including Eric Clapton and Van Morrison. The oak in these beautiful guitars is made from casks used for Bushmills Black Bush, Bushmills 16 Year Old Single Malt Irish Whiskey and Bushmills 21 Year Old Single Malt Irish Whiskey.



The upcycling trend has seen scaffolding batons, leather belts and even pennies being used as flooring alternatives. But we don’t think any are more beautiful than these floors made from recycled whisky casks. Scottish company McKay Flooring found a sustainable and eco-friendly way to reinvent used barrels, being careful to retain the marks, scuffs and labels ensuring each floor is completely unique.



These pens by the Whisky Wood Pen Company are made from reclaimed casks from a range of Scottish distilleries and cooperages, featuring gold plated fittings.

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