17 May 2025
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Whisky-producing countries and whisky city guides

Whisky is produced around the globe which leads to a rich variety of distinctive flavour profiles for the curious drinker to explore.

Join us as we work our way around the world learning about how and where whisky is produced and also the best places to enjoy it.

Istanbul street scene

Whisky Capitals: Istanbul

Istanbul is a major city in Turkey with a growing whisky scene. From dram and dine experiences to artisan cocktails, we take a tour from a local.

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Whisky Capitals: The Twin Cities

Adam Irving, of the popular whisky website Scotchology, explains how both of the Twin Cities, Minneapolis and St.Paul, have become unexpected must-see places for whisky fans.

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Whisky Producing Countries: France

France may not seem a likely home for a burgeoning whisky industry, but don’t be fooled; all the way from Brittany to Corsica producers are turning to l’eau de vie with serious intent.

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Aerial view of Glasgow

Whisky Capitals: Glasgow

Stewart Craigon co-founded, along with partner Kirsty Clarke, Whisky Corner, a blog dedicated to whisky reviews, news, tasting and opinions. He guides us round Scotland’s largest city, Glasgow, to the greatest places to enjoy a dram.

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