17 May 2025
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5 whisky blogs you should follow now

From reviews to advice and stories from behind the scenes, these bloggers will keep you up to date in the world of whisky.

With in-depth whisky analysis to beginners guides and everything in between, these blogs will guide you through the wonderful world of whisky. We scoured the whisky web for the whisky best blogs across the globe that you need to be following now.

Kirsty and Stewart from Whisky Corner

1. Whisky Corner

This whisky power couple met at their local whisky club and have since established a loyal readership both on social media and their blog, Whisky Corner. Their informative yet approachable writing is perfect for novices and aficionados alike.

2. Great Drams

Greg from Great Drams

The GreatDrams blog is the brainchild of Greg Dillon, providing one man’s insight into whisky, beer and fine dining. Greg’s blog has now spawned a bevvy of events, consultancy projects and a book! Follow his adventures here.

Anne-Sophie AKA The Whisky Lady

3. The Whisky Lady

Toulouse-based Anne-Sophie is one of the many hard-working female whisky bloggers transforming the scene. Follow her travels from distilleries to tastings as she seeks out news, trends and experiences. Check out her blog here.

4. Whisky A Go Girl

Jenna Elie, whisky blogger and writer

Whisky A Go Girl Jenna is an LA-based whisky blogger who brings the sunshine of LA to her blog. Packed with reviews, travel tales and, of course, photos of her adorable dog (read our interview with her here).

The Edinburgh Whisky Blog logo

5. The Edinburgh Whisky Blog

The Edinburgh Whisky Blog comes from a small team of ‘spirit geeks’ based in Edinburgh. With honest and funny commentary, this is not one to miss.

Close up of a person holding a dram of whisky in a Glencairn glass

What is single malt whisky?

Often considered ‘superior’ among aficionados, single malt whisky has been made in Scotland since the 18th and 19th centuries. But what actually makes a single malt unique?

Holyrood distillery new make spirit

The Lowland whisky distilleries you need to know about

Once a significant single malt player, The Lowlands is now mostly known as the home of the blend – but this all looks set to change as several new and exciting distilleries in the region are in the process of creating their own innovative whiskies

J.J. Corry Irish Whiskey

The women shaking up the whisky industry

If you want to support and encourage more talented women to enter the world of whisky, these are some of the female-owned brands you need to have on your radar and tell all your friends about