The Tweeddale is an award winning, limited edition, small batch blended scotch Whisky. Originally produced by J&A Davidson (established in 1820) in Coldstream by the River Tweed in the Scottish Borders. It was recreated in May 2010 by Alasdair Day the Great Grandson of the former owner.

The Tweeddale collection currently includes batch 4 of the blended aged 14 years; the single cask Lowland Single Malt aged 14 years (the youngest of 9 whiskies in the blend) and the single cask Lowland Grain aged 16 years (which makes up 50% of batch4).

The Tweedale will be celebrating World Whisky Day

We will be pouring all of the whiskies in the The Tweeddale range at the Glasgow Homecoming Whisky Festival and the Whisky Lounge London Weekender on Saturday 17th May