A Hauf 'n' Hauf - Beer and Whisky Tasting

Address: Queen Street, 28 Queen Street

Country: Scotland

City: Edinburgh

Postcode: EH2 1JX

Date: 10-May-2014

Time: 19:00 to 21:30

These two pairings are never pre-paired to battle. Always a winning combination, the Scottish craft beer revolution is now a well-established sector in Scotland’s long list of excellent produce. Join us at our traditional home at The Vaults and our 28 Queen Street property where our Society Ambassador along with the brewer from Inveralmond Brewery will be pairing 3 Scottish craft beers with 3 single cask Society whiskies; reviving the Scottish tradition of the ‘Hauf ’n’ Hauf’. A hearty supper of Crombies beer and whisky sausages along with a dollop of mash will be served during the tasting, a perfect accompaniment to beer and whisky. This event is part of The Scotch Malt Whisky Society's Clans and Drams Whisky Month and open to all. Get your tickets NOW: www.smws.co.uk/clans&drams