Kilted Manhattan

35ml Woodford, 15ml Bowmore 12yo, 15ml Cinzano Rosso, 3 dashes cherry bitters, 2 dashes chocolate bitters. Stirred and served up

The Final Ward

Glass: Coupette or ornamental stemmed glass

Garnish: Maraschino cherry


  • 20ml Rittenhouse 100 (Bottled in Bond)
  • 20ml Green Chartreuse
  • 20ml Maraschino
  • 20ml Lemon juice

Method: Add all ingredients to a shaker and shake vigorously with ice. Strain into glass and garnish accordingly.

In a competition a few years ago, bartenders across the globe were tasked with finding the best variation of The Last Word – a classic gin drink, also containing Green Chartreuse, Maraschino and lime juice. New York bartender Phil Ward’s twist substituted Rye for gin and lemon for lime thus bringing a dry spiciness to the affair and a softer citrus to balance the drink’s inherent sweetness. For me, this version is every bit the equal of its big brother. In the drink pictured, which was made for me at Bramble in Edinburgh, Rittenhouse 100 (Bottled in Bond) was the brand of rye utilised.