Whisky Stramash in May – the main things that are happening

This May – it’s World Whisky Day. But there is NO LIMIT to our whisky love and we wanted to highland an initiative we’re big fans of – the Edinburgh Whisky Stramash!

Taking place on the 24th-25th of May, the celebration of the amber liquid is the perfect follow-up to World Whisky Day! The Stramash has sessions all through the weekend at Surgeons Hall in the centre of Edinburgh. 

Like us, the Stramash is an inclusive and a relaxed look at Whisky. No one will tell you what to taste, how to dress, or what to think. (Though we did hear a rumour about fancy dress….)

Here are our top five reasons you should get involved! 

1.To soothe your sadness that World Whisky Day will then be over for another year….  Sad times. But then, happy times!

2.  Stramash means an uproar or a brawl – we love the new appropriation as a gathering and a place to be. Stramash stramash stramash.

3. Whisky means peat, smoke, history, friendship – so many things to so many. The Stramash is a whisky happening – and that most of all makes us very happy indeed!

4.The Edinburgh Whisky Stramash is a one-venue affair – so quite different to the international events of the week before in World Whisky Day. Edinburgh is the city to take it on though – and the sessions throughout the weekend give you plenty of time to plan to get to Scotland’s capital for an encore.  One week’s enough to get travel booked? – eeeeasy!

5.The stramash team share the same mantra as World Whiksy Day – everyone is welcome to whisky. So pull up a bar stool and order a dram – the count down is on to a whisky filled month!