Whisky & Chocolate Pairing in 10 simple steps

Whisky – as well we know – has a complex flavour portfolio, whichever region or distillery it is from. Tasting whisky with chocolate can be a really interesting way to pull out even the subtlest of flavours. 

How to do it – ok – so even if you are not a huge chocolate snacker – we’ve discussed on this very blog the pairings you may not expect from cheese to mixing whisky in drinks. But in a very different way same way crisps and beer are perfectly matched – chocolate and whisky may just surprise you.

© Everjean

1.    Have a look at the flavours on your whisky and pick your dram thoughtfully

2.    Pick your chocolate!

3.    In terms of choice for both think about how the flavours might work… so short dry whisky go to with something dark and flavoursome, or try a smokey highland with white chocolate. 

4.    Either way – pick your dram first and chocolate second.

5.    Pour a dram of your whisky… snap off the piece of the chocolate

© Tim Sackton

6.    First, take a sip of the whisky and let the flavours infuse in your mouth as usual. Make a note of the key flavours.

7.    Next take a bite of the chocolate and let it melt in your mouth.

8.    The flavours should be beginning to layer in your mouth 

9.    See what you can taste with the chocolate and whisky combined – is the smokeyness more intense with a sweet accompaniment? Does the bitter of dark chocolate bring out the honey depth to your dram?

10.    Sit back and relax. Savour the flavour. Your work here is done.