To ice or not to ice

‘What’s the best way to serve whisky?’ is perhaps one of the most commonly asked questions when it comes to the amber stuff.

To ice or not to ice is something of a contentious topic for which there is no right answer.

Ultimately, it boils down to whatever works for you!

So why do some people like their whisky on the rocks?

Adding a couple of cubes of ice to your dram can calm the burn of high ABV whiskies; particularly those in the region of 50% and higher.

Lowering the temperature may also make your whisky feel fresher on the palate.

The down side of drinking a whisky cold is similar to consuming a bottle of beer or glass of wine straight from the fridge – it’s more difficult to identify the full range of flavours.

Drinking your dram at room temperature is the preferred method of choice for whisky lovers who want to savour and explore the many different tastes and characteristics within the liquid.

Not sure whether to enjoy your whisky neat or on the rocks, why not try a sip first?

If the burning sensation feels like it’s at risk of altering your enjoyment of the whisky, or masking the flavour, you can also add a small amount of water to your dram.

Cask strength or barrel proof whiskies – which can easily clock in at over 60% ABV – can, in fact, benefit from a touch of water which dilutes some of the alcohol and brings forward some of the more retiring flavours.

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