Countdown to World Whisky Day Begins...

The countdown is on. It’s only one week until World Whisky Day this Saturday 17 May.
Exciting times. We’ve been rather busy getting everything together for the big day – with more events added all the time and still plenty of time to register your event. (Want to know more? Head for our handy Q&A)
Here are our top 5 ideas on how you can get involved with ONE WEEK to go:
1. Experiment!
Celebrate WWD with a new whisky – don’t dust off a bottle on your drinks shelf – pop to a whisky pub or bar and go for it, try something completely different.
2. Learn a little

The variation in flavours across the Whisky family is one of many, many things that make the amber liquid one of the most magical liquids on the planet. Take a little time out to learn the providence of your favourite Whisky…  you never know what you’ll discover.
3. Seek advice!

Next time you’re in the pub – ask whoever’s behind the bar what their favourite whisky is – and have a taste. Make sure you have time for a lengthy discussion on how, where and why they came across their special dram. We’re on sacred ground here.
4. Start a conversation

Have a look through the venues for events on May 17 and pop along to one ahead of the event. See if there’s any way you can help out…. or get in the way… hey – it’s all in the name of whisky.
5. Keep it social

Best mate or partner who claims they don’t like whisky? We feel for you – next time you have a dram – get them to have a whiff and see what scents they can identify. The next time a sip – and set them the palate challenge.
Hey presto – by the weekend they’ll be racing you to your nearest WWD event!