100 days to World Whisky Day

The countdown is on to World Whisky Day.  With only 100 days to go, the great Scottish drink is ready to celebrate alongside huge 2014 events that include Homecoming, the Commonwealth Games and the Ryder Cup.  What's more, May 2014 is Whisky Month meaning there’s all the more reason for an extra dram or two.

2013 was a phenomenal year for the amber stuff with World Whisky Day being celebrated on every continent (except Antarctica!) and that was only our second ever event. Seeing as three is a magic number, this year we plan to raise the stakes and celebrate on a whole new level (even including Antarctica!) in our festivities.

Trotter’s Independent Condiments’ World Whisky Day Marmalade was incredibly popular in 2013 and we’re happy to say it’s back this year and selling like hot cakes already.

Our celebrations are going to be bigger and better with whisky events taking place in Kenya, Israel, Columbia, Argentina, Taiwan, Malaysia and of course New Zealand who will be the first to welcome the big day!

It’s an exciting time for whisky with our new survey revealing that over 60% of young people aged 18 to 24 consider themselves to be whisky drinkers.

Scotland Food and Drink recently published the results of the survey emphasising that “times are changing” for whisky as it takes on new meaning for the younger generation, shrugs off the stereotypes and is seen in a new light.

Whether you’re drinking your whisky neat, with ice, water or in a cocktail we don’t mind! We’re not here to tell you how to drink it, we’re happy as long as you’re enjoying it.

In the lead up to World Whisky day – May 17 – there’s plenty going on. On the May 3, Blair will be joining the Spirit of Speyside Whisky festival for a Speyside v The World Whisky tasting. The whole month of May will be jam packed with events such as Edinburgh’s Whisky Strammash as the world celebrates whisky together. Keep an eye out for updates!

Either way, it would be madness to wait 100 days until your next dram, so whichever way you choose to join the whisky chorus – cheers!

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