The spirit of innovation

Gone are the days of trying to turn lead into gold. These days it’s all about turning liquid gold into, well, just about anything.

How to Mix and Match Whisky and Chocolate

The marriage of whisky and chocolate is a delicate task, and the wrong picks run the risk of marring the flavour. So how do you know which chocolates to choose?

9 of the world's most spectacular spots for a dram

These photographers have found some of the most spectacular spots in the world to take in the view - and maybe a wee dram too!

A Guide to Citrus Garnishes

Four go-to citrus garnishes for the whisky drinker

A Guide to Whisky Glasses

There's a whisky glass for every type of whisky fan – find the perfect one for you.

World Whisky Day was celebrated in more countries than ever before

From Brazil to Bali, Colombia to Cambodia, World Whisky Day was toasted in more countries than ever before this year.

World Whisky Day Conquers Antarctica

World Whisky Day can today claim to be a truly global celebration of whisky in all its forms.

For the first time World Whisky Day will be celebrated with events on all seven continents, including the most inhospitable place on Earth – Antarctica.

How to taste whisky

Here’s a simple guide to the art of tasting, created to get you (and your taste buds) going in preparation for the big day.

Your guide to running a World Whisky Day event

Every year people all over the world take part in World Whisky Day. It’s an incredible event with a global reach, and it’s all down to the enthusiastic event organisers who make it happen.

Hot Rum Cow takes the helm at World Whisky Day

We are delighted to announce today that World Whisky Day has joined forces with drinks magazine Hot Rum Cow to take our global celebration of whisky to the next stage.

What does a lowland whisky taste like?

We’ve popped our galoshes on and are wading into the debate on this one.

Whisky and Cheese Pairings

You can’t beat a good cheese board… gouda, cheddar, wensleydale, brie, stilton… 

Whisky and chocolate pairing

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Record Breaking Distilleries

With hundreds of distilleries all over Scotland – it is rather fickle to narrow them down by big v small, high v low and new v old. But then again – surely all of this affects flavour – and that’s what we’re into! 

Join us on a whisky flavour journey

Everyone knows the old rule about letting your wine, especially red wine, breathe, but what are the rules for Whisky?